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Caudalie’s Moisturizing Sorbet Cream

Winter is one of my favourite seasons. Snowfall, figure skating, hot chocolate, cozy mittens… However, despite the magic and beauty of the holiday season, winter tends to have dry and damaging effects on the skin, especially on the face. I would like to share my number one winter skin secret with you all because it has truly transformed, repaired,… Continue reading Caudalie’s Moisturizing Sorbet Cream


Welcoming in the New Year

Happy New Year! The new year has finally arrived! Welcome, 2017. For some, the new year symbolizes a time of transition or transformation. For others, it represents a fresh new start. For myself personally, it is happy reminder that the best is yet to come. I have a feeling that this will be the best year yet, filled with lots… Continue reading Welcoming in the New Year

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Pink Petal Dress

With hot summer weather in full swing, its no surprise that my go-to look is a fun and flirty dress. Its cute and comfortable, and makes you feel beautiful. Something else that makes me feel beautiful is my favourite colour: pink. Pink is romantic and feminine, and has the power to brighten up my day. According to Edith Piaf’s song La Vie… Continue reading Pink Petal Dress