Take a Tour of this Unique Parisian Flower Market

Since we won’t be travelling anywhere anytime soon, I decided to go through photos I took the last time I was in Paris and reminisce in the fond memories I made while I was there. One of my favourite memories was spending a sunny Sunday at Le Marché aux Fleurs et Aux Oiseaux. This market is one of the oldest markets in Paris. It is located in the Île de la Cité and was originally installed in 1808! Despite its old age, this market has kept its charm and authenticity throughout the years.

What is so special about this market? On any other day, it is simply a flower market. But on Sundays, the flower market turns into a flower and exotic bird market, where some of the most beautiful and exquisite birds are on display for everyone to see. It is quite a unique sight.


The colours of the exotic birds were as diverse and beautiful as the flowers you could find there. They ranged in colour, size, and breed and were as cute as can be. This parrot caught my eye because of its beautiful blue and green feathers. Walking along the picturesque market, you can also discover fish, bunnies, and even vintage items for sale. It was such a unique experience right in the heart of old Paris.


I hope you enjoyed taking a virtual tour of this beautiful Parisian market. Have you ever been to a unique market like this?

All the best,

– Ema

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