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Parisian Dreams

For my sixteenth birthday, four years ago, my mom took me to Paris. Ever since then, Paris captured my heart. The lively cafés, the opulent architecture, the magnificent museum collections, the dreamy boutiques… As you walk along the tree-lined boulevards, the smell of freshly baked croissants lingers in the air. Immersed in this magical Parisian atmosphere, you can’t… Continue reading Parisian Dreams

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Glitter and Glow: Kate Spade Inspired Box

    As Kate Spade says, “She who leaves a trail of glitter is not ever forgotten.” This DIY piece is inspired by Kate Spade’s holiday collection, and is the perfect glittering addition to any desk, dresser, or vanity. It can be used as makeup storage, a jewelry box, stationery supply storage, or even as… Continue reading Glitter and Glow: Kate Spade Inspired Box