Caudalie’s Moisturizing Sorbet Cream

Winter is one of my favourite seasons. Snowfall, figure skating, hot chocolate, cozy mittens… However, despite the magic and beauty of the holiday season, winter tends to have dry and damaging effects on the skin, especially on the face. I would like to share my number one winter skin secret with you all because it has truly transformed, repaired, and enlivened my skin. It is Caudalie’s Moisturizing Sorbet Cream.


Caudalie is French skin care brand that specializes in natural skin care treatments that are tailored to your skin type. I tend to have dry and sensitive skin, so this cream is perfect for me. It has a gel-like consistency which is super hydrating when applied. It is scent-free, which means that there aren’t any fragrances that can irritate the skin. This cream automatically replenishes, hydrates, and brightens up my complexion. I would highly recommend this cream to anyone that hasn’t yet found their perfect moisturizer. I can tell you that this product really does work, and you won’t be disappointed. I am so happy to have finally found a moisturizer that does what it is supposed to.


The best part about Caudalie products is that they are made with natural ingredients that will genuinely improve your skin. One of the main ingredients used in Caudalie’s products are grapes from Bordeaux. Perhaps this is what they mean when they say “Rosé all day”?

“I wanted to recreate the feeling of pure joy when you bite into a grape packed with water and sweetness through the Vinosource Sorbet.” – Mathilde Thomas (Founder)

A little goes a long way with this moisturizing sorbet. If you decide to try it, let me know! I promise you will love it! Do you have a favourite moisturizer?

All the best,

– Ema


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