My Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington is a brand I have been interested in for a few months now. When I found out that they were going to send me my favourite watch from their collection, you can imagine how excited I was. I looked through their website, and was instantly drawn to the Classy Sheffield Watch (26mm). It is the smallest watch in their collection, which is perfect for me, since I love small and pretty watches.

Photo Closeup (1)

I ordered the Classy Sheffield Watch in rose gold, with a black leather band. I also got to pick a complimentary Nato watch band of my choice, so I opted for the pink Winchester band. Since the watch bands are interchangeable, I have the option of choosing between my black leather band or the pink Nato band. I love being able to change the watch bands to suit what I am wearing. It’s like having two different watches.

Photo 2.jpg

This classy watch truly lives up to its name. It is beautiful, minimal, sophisticated, and dainty. It is the perfect watch for any modern renaissance woman looking to add a little bit of elegance to her everyday look. On each five minute mark there is a sparkling Swarovski crystal that awaits you. I really love my new watch, and I have already gotten so many compliments on it.

If you are interested in purchasing a watch, use the promotion code “EMA15″ for 15% off your next purchase from Daniel Wellington. This code expires at the end of September! Also, if you purchase a watch before September 15th, you can get a free Nato watch band of your choice. I hope that you enjoyed this review.

All the best,

– Ema


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